CrossFit Soda City

Curious about the new CrossFit workout craze?
Check it out at this year’s Fest!

Demonstrations and your opportunity to test your metal will be available from 11 – 5 in the Capital Karate parking area located at 2728 Rosewood Dr.

CrossFit Soda City is “forging elite fitness” in Columbia, South Carolina.

CFSC is one of over 11,000 licensed CrossFit Affiliates worldwide. We are a community first and foremost. A strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals, in a group setting, to reach elite levels of fitness through “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity”.

Our workouts combine an endless diversity of skills and tools to increase your specific work capacity over broad time and modal domains.

Our coaching and training methodologies produce results for everyone of any fitness level: from children to seniors, beginners to former and current D1 / Pro athletes and everything in between.

The key is to be able to individualize our group program to fit each unique person. CrossFit is infinitely scalable, meaning we can adapt any workout to every fitness level.

At CFSC, we don’t use machines, we make them.

Contact us for a free workout, and find out what CrossFit Soda City can do for you!

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