Vendor Guidelines

  1. There will be NO REFUNDS in the event of inclement weather. There will be NO REFUNDS for cancellation. The Festival will be held rain or shine.
  2. Vendors are responsible for collection of sales tax on items sold. Furthermore, vendors are responsible for any applicable federal, state and local taxes due on sales. Hospitality tax must be paid to the City of Columbia for all food/beverage sales. Appropriate license must be displayed during the event. All food vendors must submit proof of liability insurance when submitting applications. Any food vendor that submits an application without a liability insurance certificate will not be processed.
  3. Set up time will be from 8:00am - 10:00am on the morning of the Festival. Booths must be ready at 10:00am for Fire Marshall Inspection. All vehicles must be out of the festival gates no later than 9:00am, and not before 8:00pm. The vendor coordinator will contact each vendor concerning their individual booth location prior to the event date. All vendors must be fully operational for the duration of the event.
  4. Vendors are to supply all booth elements including table and chairs. Tents are mandatory. All tents must be properly anchored with at least 75lbs on each corner. You may use five gallon buckets filled with water/sand/weighted to anchor each corner. Food vendors must also supply their own extension cords.
  5. Vendors must also supply their own ice if it’s required for day of service, there will be none on site for vendors.
  6. All vendors are required to cover their table with a cloth or plastic covering. You MUST keep your cooking area, and your serving area, separated by a minimum of two (2) feet! You must be able to cover your food. All food and single service items need to be stored off of the ground. All food vendors and equipment must meet DHEC and Fire Marshal codes. Including fire extinguishers, AND hand washing/sanitation stations. No less than a 2-gallon container with a water valve for dispensing, and a discard bucket to catch the soiled water. Please provide your own trashcans. We very much encourage the recycling or composting of your materials as well as the use of recyclable (non-styrofoam and/or biodegradable) serving products.
  7. Food items that are prepared and served on-site are the only food items allowed to be sold from food vendor booths. There is to be absolutely NO ALCOHOL sales from food vendors within the festival site. We reserve the right to expel any vendor not in compliance and the vendor will forfeit the application fee.
  8. Up to 4 festival passes will be provided with for STAFF ONLY. Please indicate how many passes will be needed day of for staff on the application form.

General Release Info: By submitting the Vendor Application you do hereby release, acquit, and forever discharge Greater Rosewood Merchants Association, its agents, its representatives, its employees, or contracted staff, of and from all manner of actions, suits, damages, claims and demands whatsoever in law or equity from any loss or damage of any nature of description, known or unknown, in any way relating to the Vendor's participation in the Rosewood Crawfish Festival.